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Newspaper Needs to be Held Accountable

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Gun Control

Perhaps you’ve read or heard about the New York City newspaper that printed the names and addresses of thousands of local residents that have legal handgun permits. The article in The Journal News, which serves a suburb of New York City, printed the article using information that they obtained using the Freedom of Information Act. The title of the article was “The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood”, and was the typical liberal knee-jerk reaction to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

What these fools have actually done is notify the criminals of homes that DO NOT have a handgun for personal and home protection, making them easy pickings. But such simple logic as this never enters the liberal mind, their only focus in on their own agenda, and damn the repercussions.

What I see happening is those home-owners that don’t have a handgun will be going out and purchasing one to protect their property and their family. Then when some low-life criminal decides to rob their home and the home-owner blows him away, the liberals will be up in arms calling for more “gun control”.

But of course the newspaper will assume no responsibility for such a side effect from their published article. No, it was their right to do so under the First Amendment. Isn’t it amazing that some people will use the First Amendment to actively attack the Second Amendment? The liberal only see those rights that fall in line with their agenda, and all other rights are completely ignored.

I don’t think we have heard the last of this fiasco. There are probably lots and lots of lawsuits in The Journal News’ future from the legal handgun owners in that area of New York City. The Journal must be held accountable for such irresponsible action, and the court system should do their part to send a message that this kind of reporting is not acceptable.

You can read more of this story on Newsmax.com.

Gun Control


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